8 Latest SEO trends for a better SEO planning

March 22, 2021

The world is walking fast, go with the trend.

Even after making an attractive website owners don’t get much attention from viewers. One should know how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their best way. For that, there are few steps by which you can trend your website in the top search on google.

  1. Write according to BERT -
  2. Gone are the days when search engines could get fooled by stuffing keywords. According to BERT, you need to create high-quality content, if you use similar content again and again your SEO could get affected. You need to higher your game plan so that you get more views. For example - if people are searching for home remedies and your website is relevant then the search engine only recommends you when your website’s content is relevant, non-repetitive, and creative.

    Smith Algorithm - This is an updated version of BERT in particular, what makes this new modal better is this modal is able to understand passages within documents which allows the algorithm to understand brief documents.

  3. Keep in mind UI/UX
  4. UI stands for the user interface which means whether your website is good-looking or not. For more viewers, you need a handsome website where everything should be crisp and creative. Maybe viewers can not catch your mistakes but they can find your website non-attractive and if a professional visits your website, errors will pop out in front of their eyes.

    UX stands for user experience, this simply means what viewers see in your website and what attracted them. If your website is eye-catching then the viewer will click on your website may be again after one time visit. Viewers are the first and foremost, you are making a website for them.

  5. Provide communicative data
  6. Try to create content on your relevant topics in a communicative way. The search engine shows those websites which don’t have repetitive content.

  7. Mobile indexing for small screen users
  8. Design should be responsive for your sites & must be UI/UX friendly. Use HTML 5 instead of using plugins like flash. They are not supported by small screen pages.

  9. Optimize your image
  10. An image says a thousand words. You need to focus on images as well because pictures can make your website expressive and attractive. Three things are important: alt description, size of the image, and name of the image.

  11. Effective SEO needs to include video
  12. Youtube has more than 1 billion users. Video content has the power to make user’s interest intact. The best video content includes storytelling videos where the audience can relate with. Video is the only way where you can show your products in action to your visitors. Video is not one of the cheapest ways and it’s engaging with high RIO.

  13. Voice search
  14. Increasing needs come with new innovation and thanks to that we have google assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa. As technology is getting better it’s also getting more popular. In fact, the percentage of households predicted to buy a voice speaker by 2022 is 55%.

    For optimizing voice search you need to consider long keywords because in voice speakers people use long phrases.

  15. Google EAT principle
  16. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This factor helps to determine that the webpage is useful quality content or not. If your webpage comes under these three criteria then the google EAT principle will rank you higher.

    You need to walk with trends whether you are creating content on Instagram or for a webpage. SEO is getting complex and comforting as mentioned above. In this no-time generation, you need to think of voice control to video content.

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