PPC Strategies And Trends In 2021

May 28, 2021
PPC Strategies And Trends In 2021

“Obfuscation of data, unfortunately, will be a continuing trend in 2021, according to Julie F. Bacchini, President & Founder, Neptune Moon.”

In the old days when online platforms were not so popular, organizations use to give advertisements to televisions, radio, and newspapers which were so costly, and because of this small marketers avoid advertisements they do through word of mouth and business cards to disseminate their services. The golden era comes to solve all problems, marketers start using social platforms as marketing platforms. PROs start doing indirect advertisements by just telling about the services.

Then Pay Per Click was introduced in the market affordable, you can get creative as much as you want. PPC gives a chance to everyone from small businesses to big MNC, everyone is using this strategy for promotion. Marketers can find their target audience easily online. The universe of pay per click is evolving, from google to Instagram advertisers are experimenting and engaging new consumers. With the increase in AI, automation, and AR, PPC platforms are taking maximum advantage of these features to increase engagement. And will improve your ROI.

Google Advertisements

Google advertisement is an online platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief service offerings, product listing. It can place ads in both search engines like Google and non - search engine websites like other 2nd party websites, mobile apps and videos. Google is the largest and most popular and authentic platform to run ads. Google ads come with tools by which you can optimize your website. Keywords tool can help in listing terms according to your business and you could be searched on google. They also offer non- Google ads for free. Google ads may give a chance to bring huge traffic to your site, can increase your reach and enhance your business.

PPC experts craft effective campaigns with :
  • Identify performance of an account
  • Optimizing advertisements which help in gathering better conversations
  • Based on consumers intent and website content gathering commercials rapidly
  • Calculating the best bidding strategies for bidding
  • Ads performance generating automatically.
Smart Bidding

The most common challenge is bid optimizing campaigns faced by google experts, to get relief from the manually tracking you have google ads smart bidding which will help you to understand how much you will get from your budget.

Smart bidding is the feature that will help you optimize your advertisements and increase conversation based on your target. This is one of the trends you should focus on in 2021.

Responsive Ads Search

Google’s most flexible commercial format is responsive ads search. For this, you need a creative copywriter who can write catchy headlines and descriptions related to it. Google automation searches for different headlines and descriptions. Your performance will depend on the keywords you will fix in your content searched by your target audience, the rest google will handle.

Facebook Ads

As social media sites are becoming popular and people are getting digital, the number of digital site usage is increasing. So if you are missing PPC in your advertising strategy, you are missing out. Our young generation opens Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest every day. PPC is mainly for the public network. Like this, you can make the most out of your advertising budget. For most of the influencers and the brands who use only social media platforms for branding, google and Facebook are the bread and butter for them.

Facebook is the largest connecting network around the globe, This platform is the most important stage for advertising. Facebook ads are all about spreading the message in front of the target audience, people who want your service or products likely to buy. To get the right target audience you need to understand the right Facebook advertising tools before you dive in there are different type of Facebook ads like-

  • Image ads

    Image ads are a pretty simple type but attractive

  • Video ads

    Video can show your products in action and how it works.

  • Poll ads

    In this type you giving an option between images and videos

  • Carousel ads

    You can use 10 pictures of your product at a time.

  • Slideshow ads

    By collecting still photographs you can create a video, this is an easy way to attract attention.

  • Collection ads

    In this Facebook Allows you to showcase five images or videos where people click to buy your service or product.

  • Instant experience ads

    Instant experience ad used to called canvas, they are a full-screen ad format

  • Lead ads

    Leads ads are specially designed to be mobile-friendly, where consumers can give their content information without a lot of typing.

  • Dynamic ads

    If someone has visited your page and then placed the product in shopping cart but later abandoned that product. So you can run that specific product ad on their Facebook page.

  • Messenger ads

    When creating an ad, simply select the messenger as the desired placement.

  • Stories ads

    Mobiles are meant to be held vertically and Facebook stories are meant to play full screen vertically. So this is also an easy way to play ads for mobile users.

  • Augmented reality ads

    Augmented reality ads have a feature of filter or animation where you can see how lipstick is going to look on your face or how sunglasses will fit on your face.

Audience Targeting

The feature of narrowing your target audience, to who you want to show your advertisements. By taking advantage of this feature you can make the most of your ad budget. By narrowing the target audience you can focus on the specific age group and household income that your products are focusing on. With this feature, you can demographically focus on people whom you want to buy your products.

Bumper Video Ads

If it comes to digital marketing, video content is the king. right now video marketing is dominating the market in 2021. Video content covers most of the audience and makes the interest intact. Video advertisements are low at the cost and have great business reach.

With the latest introduction of the bumper machine from youtube, googles video marketing tool you can able to turn your less than 90-second video on youtube advertisements. Even if you don't want to pay for your advertising you can use youtube or similar sites like this.

The Rise Of Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, and Google voice assistance are introduced in a new way of advertising. 50% percent of online searches are estimated by voice. In voice searcher’s early days there is no paid advertisement but the way technology is increasing there are the chances of paid voice advertisement so soon.

In a world where people are connecting virtually PPC marketing is unpredictable. In 2020 many of the organizations started using digital platforms and they are using affordable advertising sources which includes PPC. before 2020 no one could even predict that we going to be stuck in our homes. Meanwhile, PPC experts were planning about the target audience, PPC automation, and privacy.


To promote your product or organization you need to do an advertisement and to advertise you need to use different strategies. Pay per click is a modern way of spread information about your products. The more creative you get, the chances of getting clicked would increase.

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